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Hello Boy Scouts from the Troop of ’83!

I am writing with good news as our 40th class reunion is quickly approaching, and I wanted to give you a little head start on some great things we have in the works! As you are probably aware, ASC moved the date of the reunion weekend to later in the spring for several reasons. One is that the campus would be quiet as the current students would be finished for the school year. You have the chance to stay in the dorms for the weekend in lieu of a hotel/motel or your favorite roommates’ house here in the Decatur/Atlanta area. Just be sure you remember to yell “hot water” and “man on the hall” as a courtesy to those staying in the dorm with you!

This year, Reunion Weekend is May 19-21, 2023. Mark your calendars now! So, for the details…pretty simply, it’s broken down into four parts: REGISTER, SCHEDULE, CELEBRATE, and GIVE.

REGISTER: Registration for the weekend opens March 10, 2023. Be sure you have bookmarked, as that is the BEST place for the latest updates and information about AW23.

SCHEDULE: Our weekend of events will have more variety and offerings than other years. Friday will include class sessions, Happy Hour with the Faculty, various receptions and welcome parties, and a Hub Sing. Saturday includes our class meeting, Convocation, Parade of Classes, Luncheon, Affinity Group Teas, tour of the President’s Home, Scottie Marketplace (new and sure to be fun!) and ends with our Class Party! We will follow up with specific times for our class picture and you will have the opportunity to see all of the events during the registration process.

CELEBRATE: We are going to have our Saturday night dinner party at my home. Yes, after five years, my kitchen is renovated! Having an off-campus location gives us much more flexibility in many areas, which should make the evening more comfortable for everyone. Your class officers are working hard to make this a casual and enjoyable time for all. We will also arrange something lowkey for Friday night that will be close to campus for those who might like to get together and spend a little time catching up. More details to follow.

GIVE: Please keep in mind that we are also asked to open our wallets to continue the legacy of the college. If you are able, please consider a contribution to The Fund for Agnes Scott. ASC insists that the amount is not as important as the participation. Remember gifts can be given in honor or memory of someone you love, including our classmates we have lost since our days on campus.

All of this to say that we hope you have already thought about your travel plans to join us for a LIVE, IN-PERSON class reunion. Everyone has had enough of the Zoom calls, already! So, start planning your trip back to Decatur! We are so excited to see your bright and shining faces! (The visual here would be “GOOD MORNING, MORNING GLORIES”) If you have already decided to attend, please drop a comment in email or Facebook! We’d love to know, and maybe your decision will help others make up their mind to attend. Please reach out with any questions you may have.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!
Susan Roberts Helms
Reunion Chair

President’s Letter

Dear Scotties,

As I write this letter, it’s nearly finals week at Agnes Scott where my daughter Evelyn is a sophomore. I can’t help but relive some of those intense finals memories from our time there. Aside from the astonishing fact it was nearly 40 years ago, I remember loving the unstructured time and running to the hub for exam teas; panic-buying too many blue books; and getting hand cramps from all that writing. But the things we did together to help and support one another, like late-night chats over Tab, small groups of us walking back from the library after it closed, bolstering classmates worried about their grades or love lives – those are the real treasures.

I’m delighted we’ll have a chance to connect in person in a few months! If you haven’t already, please save the date for our 40 th reunion: May 19 – 21, 2023. I very much hope you’ll all be there.

While it is different from the pre-Covid years when reunions were scheduled in April, we hope this change will mean that more of our classmates will be able to attend. While we won’t see students on campus, we will have the option to stay in a couple of the dorms over the weekend! Last year’s reunion classes said they had a blast, so I hope that you all will take advantage of this opportunity. We’ll provide details and rates as they become available.

In addition to fun activities the college has planned for us, we’ll have a multi-class Scottie Shindig that Friday night, and our class party Saturday night will take place off-campus.

Please visit to check out all the “happenings” during the weekend. Registration for the weekend will open in March of 2023.

We’ll also communicate via the Class of ‘83’s Facebook page, here: Agnes Scott College Class of 1983

Finally, if you haven’t already, I invite you to start considering your reunion year gift to the college. Maybe 2023 might be a good year to make a stretch goal. A financial gift to the Fund for Agnes Scott is a great way to support the college’s mission, and by donating we invest not only in the college, but in ourselves.

Whatever you’re able to offer, remember that ANY amount counts towards our class participation goal, and that is the most important goal of all. Thank you for your gifts—your time, your talent, and your treasure—to our beloved alma mater, in past years, this year, and all the years ahead of us.

Fondly yours,
Lane Edmondson Holman ’83
Class President

Class Officers

Lane Edmondson Holman

Duggan Childers Lansing

Vice President

Maggie Kelly Parry

Carié Cato

Susan Roberts Helms

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