Class of 1973

Dear friends from the Great Class of 1973,

Greetings from your 50th Reunion Committee! Alumnae Weekend and our 50th Reunion is coming soon! We can’t wait to see you May 19-21, 2023!

We encourage you to take a moment NOW to explore. You’ll find LOTS of information about Weekend events, lodging and more. Registration opens
on Friday, March 10.

When you register, you will want to make reservations for your overnight accommodations, as well as select and/or purchase tickets for all of the events you plan to attend during Alumnae Weekend.

On-campus lodging will be offered in both Rebekah Scott Hall and Campbell Hall. Those of us who decide to stay on-campus will be grouped together in a dorm…the more who stay on campus, the merrier for us! We hope you’ll consider that option. The college also has arranged three off-campus accommodations, which you can reserve now. For more information, visit

One last request – please review and update your contact information in the online Alumnae Directory, ScottieNet at to ensure you receive the latest news from us about AW23! If you have problems with the site, you can contact the Alumnae Office for help ( or 404-471-6323).

Cheers to our Reunion May 19-21, 2023!!


Your friends and classmates,
Ann Churchman, Carolyn Handell, Janet Jackson, and Mary Paige Lucas

President’s Letter

Dear friends of the Great Class of 1973,

YES!!! It got here quickly, but 2023 is indeed OUR 50th REUNION YEAR, and oh, do I look forward to CELEBRATING with you at Agnes Scott for Alumnae Weekend, May 19-21, 2023!

I encourage you to please MAKE PLANS NOW to be on campus – May 19-21 – to join with each other and celebrate our shared and diverse experiences and our alma mater, Agnes Scott!

Let me share a first-person preview. Last summer, I decided to attend Alumnae Weekend to enjoy the first in-person reunion since COVID, and to see dear friends Charlotte Gillis and Lynn Ezell – both currently serving on the Alumnae Board. Given the new opportunity to stay on campus in a dorm, (with Lynn’s encouragement) I packed my bags and enjoyed a single room in the beautifully renovated Rebekah Hall.

Wow! It was so much fun! The experience exceeded my expectations!  As I “moved in,” a festive happy-hour bar was being organized by alumnae at the end of one of the hallways – they kindly invited me to join them! And that was just the beginning…  

Among the many traditional events I enjoyed during the 2022 Alumnae Weekend:

Back to Class: on Friday, I attended “Cosmic Collisions” an astronomy class that stimulated my brain as part of the weekend’s kick-off (I have avoided Campbell Hall after my out-of-control bunsen burner seemed destined to set fire in Dr. Frierson’s chemistry lab); 

Campus Tour: touring the totally-gutted Main (down to the wood framing!), I was transported to college days with my former roommates Fran Amsler, Alice Bruce and Wendy Bridges!  I have photos of the 3rd floor Main dorm room we shared;

And of course, Alumnae Convocation, the Parade of the Reunion Classes, and the Alumnae Luncheon filled to capacity in Letitia Pate Evans Dining Hall;

Not to mention, HUB SING!!

In addition to these traditional, spirit-filled events, there are new opportunities too. I enjoyed a Scottie Marketplace, Agnes Scott Evolving: A Conversation, Affinity Group Teas & Gatherings, an Open House at the President’s Home and a quiet Time of Remembrance in the Julia Thompson Smith Chapel to honor classmates and friends who have passed.

With all this in mind, your help is wanted and needed to create a meaningful and fun Reunion Weekend for all of us!

Please consider this “How to Help” and let me know where you can be part in making our 50th special: 

1)   Think individually, as well as collectively, about our Reunion Gifts: 

I want to begin this “how to help” with a thank you to our Fund Chair Judy Calhoun for her heartfelt message last month. Her words (below) I find particularly inspiring for our Reunion Giving:

I hope you’ll join me in paying it forward to help bring the dreams of current Scotties into reality. Today’s Scotties have big ambitions, so let’s match them with generous, meaningful reunion gifts to The Fund for Agnes Scott. Our goals this year are $80,000 and 53 donors – yes, that’s ambitious, but if we all work together I know we can do it. Please visit today to make a special gift in honor of our 50th.” 

2)    NEW Logo for our Class Mascot, Daisy Mae

We’ve changed a bit since 1973, and our mascot deserves to as well! Janet Jackson is taking the lead role in an update of our Class Banner for our 50th Reunion – complete with a refreshed take on our DAISY logo for class mascot. Watch for an email from Janet with updated designs for your feedback. We’ll take a vote and then proceed with a modernized look to represent our class.

3)    HELP the classmates who have already stepped up!

Some of our classmates – Mary Paige Lucas, Carolyn Handell, Ann Churchman and Janet Jackson – have all stepped up to help lead the charge. THANK YOU! Having a core group is key! AND…WE NEED YOU!

Our 50th is a celebration-worthy occasion! We are planning a gracious dinner on Saturday evening with spouses warmly welcomed! But we can’t do it all ourselves – nor would we want to. We want every group from our class to have a voice in marking this special occasion. 

Many of you have reached out to me to say “let me know how I can help from afar” or “holler if you need me to help” or “happy to help however I can”….well, I am about to holler and let you know exactly where your help is needed!

Previous Reunion Classes have found it very helpful to host mini Zoom social/planning hours – doing so allows more of us to be a part of the planning and decision-making process for our Reunion Weekend. Planning a Zoom social hour is just one of the many ways where many hands will make light work. No need to have a Zoom account – we can use an Agnes Scott Zoom account. Please be in touch with me if you are interested!

In closing…

Why celebrate a reunion? Recently, I have had the utmost pleasure working closely with two of our Classmates, Janet Jackson and Janet Bolen Joiner.  Both experiences are reminders of what our connections mean.

Although the three of us were not in the same friendship groups during our years at Agnes Scott …we enjoy our common bond to Agnes Scott College and our class of ’73! In that spirit, my goal is for all of the friendship groups in our great Class of 1973 to come together and celebrate on campus, May 19-21, 2023!

With the women of ’73, we are going to have one heck of a Reunion Weekend! I look forward
to hearing from you about how you can be a part of it!

With my gratitude,
Marcia Krape Knight

Class Officers

Marcia Knight

Sally Bryant Oxley

Janet Bolen Joiner

Judy Hill Calhoun

Any Questions?

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