Class of 1981

Dear Yellow Pages,

What was on your mind 40 years ago? I recall being terrified that I had waited until my senior year to take all my required calculus classes. I was distracted by the idea of looking for a job. I fretted about what to wear to Black Cat. One thing I am certain that I was not thinking about was a pandemic. Unfortunately for the Agnes Scott Class of 2021, it is very much their reality. I cannot imagine attending my classes in a remote setting and missing our exceptional senior year experiences.

The pandemic is a constant in all our lives these days. That is why I am hoping that this letter will serve to provide a bit of happiness in your day and give you something to look forward to … our 40th reunion! I know, I know … you’re asking, “Wait, how old does that make me?” Like many of you, I’m betting that all it takes to feel 40 years younger is a long visit with fellow classmates, an unexpected phone call (or Zoom happy hour!) with old roommates or a song on the radio that takes you back to The Beer Mug or PJ Haley’s

I love reunions. I enjoy seeing old friends and becoming better acquainted with classmates I didn’t know very well. I relish sharing stories of our times at Agnes Scott and our journeys since graduation. Like seemingly everything else these days, Alumnae Weekend will be a bit different this year. It has traditionally been held in the spring, but this year our Alumnae Weekend is scheduled for June 4–6, 2021. Please mark your calendars now!

We hope you will join us for virtual alumni weekend, especially our class meeting on Saturday, June 5th at 2p.m. and our class social hour Saturday, June 5th at 7p.m. Make sure to check out the rest of the virtual alumnae weekend activities. Please keep an eye out for invitations via email and announcements in our Agnes Scott College – Class of 1981 Facebook page.

I look forward to “seeing” all of you very soon.


Laura McCrary Hurban

Class Officers

Laura McCrary Hurban

Lynda Wimberley

Melanie Merrifield Podowitz

Mary Ebinger

Co-Reunion Chair

Laura Klettner Bynum

Co-Communication Chair/Secretary

Kim Lenoir Taylor

Co-Communication Chair/Secretary

Susan Kennedy

Bess McDonald Robbins

Co-Fund Chair

Excited to Reconnect?

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