Class of 2002
Queen of Hearts

Greetings Class of 2002!

Can you believe it? In a few months, we will be celebrating our 20th class reunion! It’s true, it’s here; middle age is officially creeping up on us and it feels fabulous. 

Your class officers and Reunion Chair are working enthusiastically and diligently to ensure that our 20th reunion makes you Lose Yourself in all the fun. Expect lots of dancing, on and off campus opportunities to reconnect, food, and Beer, Beer, Beer for…well, you know who. 

Some of us will Soak Up The Sun on the quad, get all Lights, Camera, Action! with class photos, and some of us will probably even Rock The Boat a little. It’s gonna be Hella Good, y’all. 

SAVE THE DATE: June 3-5, 2022
Let’s Get The Party Started!

The weekend will kick off on Friday with events beginning at noon. On Saturday, we will have our class meeting, convocation, and the big Alumnae Luncheon. Later that evening, we will celebrate our 20th with a little style and grace and a lot of singing and dancing. 

We can’t believe we haven’t seen some of y’all for 20 years!  Ain’t It Funny how time flies?! Some of us are the parents of 20 year olds!  All of us have been Livin’ It Up and doing amazing things with our lives; U Don’t Have To Call to fill us in just come to the reunion and tell us there, okay?

You may be saying to yourself, Ellene and Currey don’t really want to see me.  But we do.  We miss everyone, want to see folks we have kept up with, and want to get to know the Scotties we missed out on in college. It will be a wonderful way to connect with each other and reestablish ties to our beloved alma mater. Let’s face it: After 20 years, there’s no denying that we’ve been a Long Time Gone from Agnes Scott. 

Please mark June 3-5 on your calendar for Alumnae Weekend 2022 to enjoy a Queenly Bash for our 20th reunion. We are so excited to see you in person!

Honestly, we are excited to see anybody in person.  Hopefully Covid numbers will continue to decrease and we can be together, vaxxed up, and mask-less.  But no promises on that mask-less part yet. The college will convey current Covid precautions closer to the date. Rest assured, you’ll be kept abreast of any pertinent info as it is communicated to us. 

Until then, our Reunion Planning Chair, Erika Robinson, is hard at work on two virtual class social events for the months leading up to Alumnae Weekend. These are certain to not disappoint, so keep an eye out for more information on those events!

We look forward to seeing you in June 2022!

Currey Hitchens & Ellene Smith
Class Co-Presidents

P.S. Okay, how many of y’all found the 10 references to some of Billboard’s top singles of 2002 (thanks, Wikipedia!)? If so, find us at the reunion for big high fives!

P.P.S. Speaking of music, what songs did you most love downloading off Napster/burning onto your CD-ROMs while at ASC? Send your class playlist requests to Erika Robinson!

P.P.P.S. We also have to thank Brooke Wilbur and Sara Silletto, our long-time class of 2002 fundraising chairs!  Thank you for all of your hard work, ladies!  If you haven’t given yet, hit them up! Let’s keep the momentum from the Fall Giving Appeal going!

P.P.P.P.S. (Last one, we promise) Our Class Secretary, Tiffini Bell, wants your deets! New job, new baby, new move, new hobby? Send it all her way at and she’ll include it in our class news.

Class Officers

Currey Hitchens

Ellene Smith

Tiffini Bell

Brooke Bedson Wilbur

Sara Neece Silletto

Danielle Robinson

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