Class of 1997
Solid Gold Dancers

My beautiful Solid Gold Dancers,

Can you believe it is almost time for our 25th reunion? I know it seems like just last week we were all hanging out on the quad and pulling all-nighters in the new (to us) Walters computer lab. But here we are, planning to meet up after 25 years of post-Agnes Scott life. After the last two years we’ve all had, we are ready to reconnect with old friends and maybe even get reacquainted with the folks you didn’t know as well. This whole year is designed to make that possible! We had a Zoom call in conjunction with last year’s Alumnae Weekend, which you might have heard about on our Facebook page (Agnes Scott College Class of 1997). Our fearless Reunion Chair, Lucien Lockhart, has already planned more for this fall and winter! You can check out the Facebook page for information, but we also hope to email the invitation to our next Zoom call to everyone.

However, we can only email everyone if we have their addresses! You can help us by inviting classmates to the Facebook page or having them contact our Class Secretary Deanna Turner or the Alumnae Office ( or ScottieNet online Alumnae Directory) to update their contact information. If you simply cannot wait for our calls or can’t attend, remember that the class news publication, The Onyx, is digital now; you can access it on the Agnes Scott website. It has news and photos from members of all the classes, so check out what your Scottie siblings are up to there! You can always send your news to Deanna. The deadlines are generally February and August, but watch for reminders when the publication deadline is approaching.

Last, but not least, mark your calendars for this year’s Alumnae Weekend – June 3-5, 2022 – where we can be on campus and actually see people in person. If you haven’t been on campus since last reunion or even earlier, you can get familiar with the new bookstore, Charis at Agnes Scott College, and see the beautifully completed renovation of Rebekah and the ongoing renovations of Main, including the bell tower. The newest event is the all-alumnae celebration slated for Friday night where all the classes will come together to celebrate our reunions, while we will still have our own class party on Saturday night. That location is currently planned for the Alumnae Garden. Even though students will be gone for the summer, there will be events like the Back to Class lectures featuring current faculty, and opportunities to connect with alumnae and students through group events for Witkaze and Lavender Lounge.

Seeing your faces at these events or any of our virtual events will truly warm my heart, and I hope you can join us for one or more of our meetings. Some of us stayed on our Zoom call last spring until the wee hours (myself included, with the advantage of West Coast time zones), and the love and support I saw there just reinforced all the memories I cherished of my time at Agnes Scott and all the years since as an alumna. Please watch your emails for updates from Lucien, myself, and the Alumnae Office in order to find out more and register for Alumnae Weekend 2022! While we will not be pulling all-nighters in the computer lab, we can walk across the quad and maybe stay up late in the Alumnae Garden (or some other approved campus location). I love each and every one of you, even though I can imagine the disbelieving eye rolls from some of you right now. The beauty of our age now is that we can say exactly what we mean, and Agnes Scott certainly taught us to do that well. So, I mean it when I say that I miss you and hope to see you at Alumnae Weekend in June 2022.

Yours Truly,

Jennifer L. Parker

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